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NEW GearVRf Tutorials

Here is a set of six lessons that show how to build a simple VR game using GearVRf. The sessions are 10 - 20 minutes long and show live demonstrations of GearVRf programming.

Lesson 1: Overview of Tutorials

Lesson 2: Application Structure and Scene Graph

Lesson 3: Events and Picking

Lesson 4: Components

Lesson 5: Sound and Text

Lesson 6: Working with Assets

The GearVR Framework was presented at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2016)

The GearVRf session at SDC2016 ( was on Wed April 27 at 1:00PM. There were demos of GearVR Framework and live scripting in both JavaScript and Lua, learn how to use the I/O subsystem, how to control objects in VR with the new 3D Cursor VR input model, and how to integrate a new I/O device. You can download the presentation here: sdc-2016-gvrf-and-io_public.pdf

In partnership, these companies have already been integrated into GVRF: The Eye Tribe's mobile VR eye tracking solution (Eye Tribe VR), Gestigon's touchless hand visualization and recognition/gesture SDK (Carnival AR/VR Interaction Suite), Manus' revolutionary, immersive, intuitive VR Gloves, and Ximmerse Virtual Reality Input Solution that enables 6DOF tracking for Mobile VR.


The Gear VR Framework (GearVRf) Project is an open source collaboration based on the GearVRf open-source rendering library for application development on VR-supported Android devices.

GearVRf makes it easy to develop compelling VR applications:

* Easy-to-use Java application development environment * Easy access to powerful VR technology * Does not require extensive knowledge of OpenGL and the Oculus renderer * Simple and effective rendering manager * Compatible with mainstream VR development tools.


The GearVRf API provides VR application developers with simplified access to Oculus SDK functionality, via the Java Native Interface and the GearVRf native library.


Make your own VR worlds at the GearVRf Project

From the GearVRf Project menu, you can access Gear VR Framework Project resources, development information, and community contacts so that you can create your own VR applications and contribute to the GearVRf community.

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